Greek Language Greek Easy Readers Stage 3. Diakopes sti Santorini

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Stage 3. Diakopes sti Santorini

Stage 3. Diakopes sti Santorini
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ISBN 9789607914422
Author(s) Neni Kolethra


Police lieutenant Dafne Grigoiou goes to Santorini for her summer holidays. There she meets Aris Lignos who owns a travel agency. In his company she gets to know the island’s exciting landscape, its cuisine, and its Vinsanto wine. They visit the cave dwellings, the volcanic Caldera and she also meets Aris’s lively grandfather. A fast moving story with lots of surprises.

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  • Author:
    Excellent little reader, grammar & vocab pitched just at the right level; a good story & it really gave me confidence in my Greek. More like this please!