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Where do babies come from? Our first talk about birth / Πώς έρχονται στον κόσμο τα μωρά; – Τα παιδιά μαθαίνουν για τη γέννηση (Με λόγια απλά)

An engaging introduction for very young children to the basic facts of life in a way that is gentle, age-appropriate, and accessible. Child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts created the Just Enough series to help parents and caregivers approach difficult subjects with little ones. These primers offer a gentle and accessible starting point for conversations about important topics.
Research shows that children are learning about sex at an increasingly young age and often from undesirable sources. The Q&A format, with questions posed in the child’s voice and answers starting simply and becoming gradually more in-depth, allows the adult to guide the conversation to a natural and satisfying conclusion. Additional questions at the back of the book allow for further discussion.
Where Do Babies Come From? is the first book in the Just Enough series. Other topics in the series will include death, cultural diversity, and separation or divorce.

Το καθετί στη φύση έχει ζωή που είναι γεμάτη νόημα και σημαντική!
Δεν είναι ποτέ πολύ νωρίς για να μιλήσετε με τα παιδιά σας για την εξέλιξη της ζωής, αλλά δεν είναι εύκολο επίσης. Ωστόσο, τα παιδιά θα πρέπει να μάθουν ότι η φύση έχει προικίσει κάθε ζωντανό πλάσμα, έτσι ώστε να μπορεί να αποκτήσει ένα μωράκι…


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Where do babies come from? Our first talk about birth


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